Gel Refill For Inoxcrom Ballpoint Pens (Black)


Our Gel Refill For Inoxcrom Ballpoint Pens (Black) fits most Inoxcrom ballpoint pens. Highly durable and practical, this gel refill is great for everyone.

You can check its specifications on the table below.

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Ballpoint pens are one of the best options when you need to use a pen. If you want to use your favorite Inoxcrom ballpoint pen, you need the best gel refill for Inoxcrom ballpoint pens (black).

Our gel refill features a medium point and can be used on any type of paper. Suitable for everyday writing, our gel refill will last for a very long time.

Gel Refill For Inoxcrom Ballpoint Pens (Black)

Finding the best refill for your Inoxcrom ballpoint may have been difficult up until now. But as soon as you try out our black gel pen refill for Inoxcrom ballpoint pens, you won’t ever want to change.

Made to last and with a beautiful black ink, you can expect a smooth writing experience on all types of paper.

Highly Durable

This refill doesn’t only deliver a unique experience every time you use it. It also lasts for a very long time.

Our gel refill is made of plastic.

The Most Practical

When you are just looking for an Inoxcrom ballpoint pen that writes when you need it, then our gel refill is the best option. It is easy to replace the refill and it lasts for a very long time.

With this refill, you can easily turn your Inoxcrom ballpoint pen into a gel pen. Notice that you can even use this gel refill in capless ballpoint pens.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the ink of this gel refill dries immediately. So, it’s the perfect option if you need to take quick notes.

Gel Refill For Inoxcrom Ballpoint Pens (Black) – Great For Everyone

This black gel refill is great for everyone. No matter if you’re a student who needs to take quick notes, a business person who needs to always keep a pen nearby, or even if you’re a staying-at-home mom and you need to do the grocery shop list, this refill won’t ever disappoint.


Our gel refill is compatible with most Inoxcrom ballpoint pens. It has a length of 9.84cm (3.88in).

Add More Color To Your Writing

In case you are looking to add some color to your writing, you’ll be glad to know that our gel refill is also available in other colors.







Gel Refill For Inoxcrom Ballpoint Pens


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9.84cm (3.88in)


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